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Zoe Bray’s Yoga Burn System

Yoga Burn is a 12-week program created by Zoe Bray Cotton. It is also marketed under the name Her Yoga Secrets, and it is aimed at women. Yoga Burn relies on a technique called Dynamic Sequencing, that burns more calories and promotes fat burning, making it a healthy and sustainable weight loss technique. This yoga burn system review will highlight our views and experience only.

About Zoe Bray Cotton

Zoe is a certified personal trainer and yoga instructor who specialises in body transformation. She teaches yoga both as a relaxation and meditation technique, and to help people to lose weight and tone their bodies.

Zoe created Yoga Burn as a program to help people to tone their body and to also help to reduce stress.

What Does The Yoga Burn Program Offer?

Yoga Burn is a unique program that helps to reduce stress and to improve your mood. It promotes relaxation, and it reduces the levels of cortisol in your body.

Cortisol is a the stress hormone, and it prepares the body for the fight or flight response, and also promotes the storage of fat.

What sets Yoga Burn apart from many other online programs is that it is quite flexible and can be tailored to your own personal needs. Many other online programs, and indeed general face to face classes, fail to do this.

Instead, they have a single set of poses and flows that are performed, which may or may not work for someone depending on their age, injuries or abilities.

With Yoga Burn, you can tailor the program to your personal needs and current skill level. You might start with some basic postures, or be able to do most of the movements right away.

As you gain confidence and skill and your body becomes stronger and more supple, you can change what you do so that you are always challenged and always improving. The beauty of Dynamic Sequencing is that the program grows with you. You are not going to buy into the program and then find that within a matter of a few weeks you have outgrown it.

A Unique Approach to Yoga

Dynamic Sequencing offers you a fun and challenging way to learn yoga. It helps you to learn the exact movements, and teaches you how to do them safely. It will push you to improve yourself with each session, and to build a better body.

The Yoga Burn system is divided into three different phases, and each phase has instructional videos to help you get the maximum benefit from them. Her instruction is clear and simple, and the system is engaging.

Phase 1 is the Foundational Flow

This explains how to do yoga safely and efficiently for maximum benefit, and how to build a mind-body link that will let you get the most out of yoga. You will learn how to use yoga to boost your metabolism.

Phase 2 is all about Transitional Flow

You will take the phases that you learned in Phase 1, add some more challenging ones, and then start building sequences. Phase 2 will help you with mood boosting, and will start eliminating problem areas.

Phase 3 is Mastery

In this phase you will build on your knowledge base and learn more sophisticated sequences.

Each phase should last for a total of four weeks, and there are three workouts to do each week. There is also an additional Tranquility Flow workout, which is a bonus workout that you can do for some extra relaxation, making a total of four yoga workouts per week.

Yoga Burn is a great beginner’s introduction to yoga, and it will grow with you as you transform into a confident yoga practitioner.


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